It’s hard to imagine life without technology. Our smartphones and tablets allow us to stay constantly connected with our friends and family, while the development of online dating services has made it possible to find your soulmate in a few clicks. And whether you work in an office or run your own business, technology has revolutionised the way we get things done – almost everything you do will involve some sort of technological tool at some point. Technology really is a blessing in disguise! Employees aren’t just sitting at their desk anymore, they’re working from outside the office, or from home. Technology has not only become an asset to enterprises, but it’s also become part of the way they operate their businesses. Automation(Robots) and AI are being adopted at a much faster pace than ever before. Technology spreads the information to millions of people through the internet.

    Understanding the benefits of technology

    Technology has numerous benefits that often go unappreciated. Here are five ways that technology benefits us:

    1. Technology makes planning easier. Also it helps you create notes in less time. Technology lets us access calendars, maps and schedules online; you don’t have to keep track of paper copies for everything anymore!
    2. Technology enhances safety. No one can deny that technology has greatly improved our lives in terms of safety- especially when it comes to health care! Medication reminders, pillboxes, blood pressure monitors all these tools help us take better care of ourselves by staying informed about our bodies.
    3. Technology helps to promote positive change in our lives. You can search anything on YOUTUBE and you will get motivation after watching the videos of your favourite creators. You get all the information at your fingertips. 
    4.  Technology keeps us entertained with quality content. It lets us stream music and TV shows on OTT Platforms, play interactive games with other people across the world, follow our favourite blogs on WordPress, Hubspot or Tumblr- the list goes on and on!
    5. Technology keeps us connected to our loved ones. Thanks to email, social media, and video conferencing software, we can stay close even if we’re physically far away from one another.

    Learn to use your phone mindfully

    You can set reminders for apps by using digital wellbeing and parental controls. Technology is helpful but doesn’t mean you have to be on them 24/7. Infact, there are some pretty big benefits to limiting your phone use: you will get more sleep, feel less distracted and stressed, and if you’re trying to lose weight, you won’t be tempted by Instagram food porn. But it takes some practice. If you are used to being on your phone all day(guilty!) then turning it off for two hours at night may seem impossible. So give yourself an easier goal- like for just half an hour- and make sure that as soon as possible after work everyday, you put down your phone. You’ll find yourself feeling calmer and less agitated; plus you’ll sleep better knowing that FOMO isn’t getting in a way of restful shut-eye! Setting no screen times each day is important for supporting healthy eyes and keeping those pesky tech notifications away during mealtimes or when working late into the night. 

    Technology can help you be happier with others

    There is no denying that technology has made it easier for us to communicate with others. However, if we continue to do it all the times, even when we’re out with our friends and family then there is some truth to the saying that social media can make us antisocial. That doesn’t mean you should entirely give up your devices; however there are times when it’s best to take them out of sight or put them down altogether. Technology also helps strengthen  relationships: You might be surprised to learn just how close you both are by sharing each and every thing you do with the help of social media. 

    Avoiding toxic people

    The biggest way to waste your time at work has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with people. Sure, some stupid people may spam you or barges into uninvited meetings but you can block them. 

    Technology helps you to do Online Shopping as it saves more time and you don’t have to step out of your home. You can order products after viewing the offers on online shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, ebay, etc and get them delivered at your doorstep.

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